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    A majority of people use clothes made up of cotton for most of the purposes, like cotton bed sheets, pillow covers made up of cotton cloth, etc. but it is very less often that we use silk. Silk can also be used in place of other clothes, but the reason of it being less in use is that it is expensive, and people dont know all of its benefits. Well, silk can not only be taken as a luxurious fabric but it has some other advantages too, like it is 100% Natural and Hypo-allergenic substance, so when a person wears silk, all the dust mites, molds and funguses stay away due to the naturally occurring substances in it, and for this reason, silk is also taken as the perfect choice for the people affected with asthma.

    It is also good for the skin as the naturally occurring amino acids prevent wrinkling and the bad hair days. Moreover, silk always keeps the temperature regulated so the person will never feel so hot or so cold, and it is light weight which makes it a perfect choice for the bed sheets. A silk is durable, and lasts for a very long time; it is also easy to care for; it gives one the feel of luxury and not only this but it also calms the nervous system of the body and allows it to refresh and get ready for a tiresome day. Silk have so many benefits so even if it is expensive, it sure gives the value for money.

    Silk is not only used as bed sheets, but there are many silk products and they can be used at different places and for different purposes, such as; Silk Sleep Sack can be used to sleep in while the Silk Pillowcases can be used to cover the pillows with silk, Silk filled comforter are also used in beds when sleeping, in addition to these there are the silk travel accessories and the silk robes too, and many other products.

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